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Connect Groups at Hope Church

Throughout the week, we meet in small groups which are called Connect Groups (previously cells).  We aim to connect with God,  connect with each other and connect with the world around us. These groups provide an opportunity for us to share, worship and pray together in a smaller setting, and enable us to apply teaching to help our everyday lives reflect more of Jesus.  This is an important part of our discipleship together.

If you would like to join a connect group, or want more information talk to one of the church leaders.  You can also e-mail info@hopechurchbangor.org.

Example of some worship created in past groups
Father God, You are good, Your glory shines in the heavens
Thank you for your faithfulness,
Thank you for the love of my family,
Forgive me for my lack of patience and understanding,
Thank You and praise You that you have looked favourably on me,
Almighty God, may we always praise your name.

God, You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Thank you that you are a holy God, above all our messiness,
I'm sorry that I don't always put you first,
Please give me patience and understaning,
You are my life, you are my everything and I love you,

Praise the Lord!
Thank you that your love never fails,
Thank you Lord that You saw our need and provided for us,
Your magnificence is so awesome.
Thank you Lord that Yiu accept us with mercy and love as we are,
Your love endures forever.

Praise to the Lord, who rescues me,
Thank you Lord for the peace You give,
Thank you Lord so much for the amazing way You surprised us,
Forgive us Lord for the times we fall short of your mark,
I want to live my life in line with your will for me,
Praise you, praise you in the highest of heavens, praise you for evermore,

The Lord provides for my every need.  Praise the Lord,
Lord, You are always faithful in Your care for us,
Thank you Lord for Your word that brings peace and life,
I've let you down so moany times but you always forgive,
Thank you that you are faithful and always there to pick me up,
You deserve all my praise forever,

You are absolutely lovely in every way O my God,
Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to us,
Thank you that you have been there even when I haven't been looking for you,
Father God, I am sorry that I fall short so often and fail to meet my own expectations let alone yours,
Where would I be without your grace and forgiveness?
You are amazing!

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise,
Thank you that you are always the same, you never change,
Thank you for your healing power and I praise you for your faithfulness,
I know I don't deserve the good things that you have given me,
I want to know you more,
Priase the Lord for his goodness and grace,

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A quick guide to what we get up to.

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