a hope church sunday meeting
Who's Who?

Hope Church is currently in transition as we seek a team leader who will be paid part-time. We hope to have someone in place in the Spring, but even then we will not have a full-time 'minister' or 'pastor'. We see this as a strength, not a weakness, because it emphasises the fact that every member of the church needs to play a full and active part.

Leadership Team

Nick and Sue Matthews

Nick is an elder of LifeChurch, Manchester and is providing oversight for Hope Church during the transition to a new leadership team. He and Sue support the church on behalf of Andy Barclay-Watt and the UK Apostolic Team. Nick had a successful career in financial services before moving to full-time church work. Nick and Sue jobshare the role of Missions Director for LifeChurch. They have three grown-up children.

Andy and Jennie Lewis

Andy and Jennie planted Hope Church in 2003, with a team that included Kevin and Bryony and a number of others. Andy is Professor of Music at Bangor University. Jennie is a full-time mum and carer for their second eldest daughter, who has Down's Syndrome. She is also currently engaged in shaping social policy in Gwynedd. They live in Bangor and have four daughters, three of whom are now grown-up. Andy and Jennie handed over to Kevin and Bryony in 2007, but continue to serve as part of the leadership team.

Kevin and Bryony Mundy (on sabbatical)

Kevin was Senior Leader of Hope Church for five years. He and Bryony recently stood down from overall leadership and are taking 6 months out to reflect and recharge. They have a passion for church as family and community. Kevin is Director of Planning at Bangor University, and is also currently chair of Cytun - Bangor Churches Together. Bryony is very involved in the local community and works part time in the village school. They have two young daughters, and live on Anglesey.

Apostolic Team

Hope Church is supported by an apostolic team, to whom the leaders are also accountable.

Andy Barclay-Watt is part of the Salt & Light UK Team, and leads a group of churches in North Wales and North West England, as well as being Senior Leader of LifeChurch, Manchester.

Nick and Sue Matthews of LifeChurch provide onging support to the leadership Hope Church on behalf of Andy Barclay-Watt and the UK Apostolic Team.


Hope Church is a registered charity. The trustees of the charity are Kevin Mundy, Andy Lewis and Nick Matthews.